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 To give you an idea of the scope of the proposed book, New Hampshire Provincial, State and National Currency, the authors have decided to publish a sample chapter on this web site.  The chapter selected features the currency and financial history of Lancaster, New Hampshire, a town located in northern New Hampshire and famous to numismatists and note collectors for the “Santa Claus Note” shown on the home page. 

To allow for fast loading on your computer, the sample chapter Lancaster, New Hampshire has been broken up into 14 small segments, which you can read on screen, or print out for your own enjoyment. 

Enjoy the chapter.  You are invited to share information on the subject matter to be published, New Hampshire Provincial, State and National Currency, by contacting the authors:

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This project is being done in coordination with the Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC), with help from many museums and other entities, including the Smithsonian Institution, the New Hampshire Historical Society, and more. Currency and photographs not specifically credited are from the collections of David M. Sundman and Q. David Bowers. Others are credited by the initials of their owners.

All material and photos are copyrighted.  Collectors, students and historians who would like to selectively quote from this manuscript may contact the authors for permission.

Chapter sections are in Adobe pdf format.

A high speed connection is recommended, especially for the larger sections such as section 12 and section 8.

Sample Chapter: Lancaster, N.H.

2. Lancaster Bank (1832-1853)

3. Lancaster Bank Annals

4. Cashiers and Presidents Lancaster Bank and Description of Currency Designs and Notes Studied

5. Biographical Sketches -Lancaster Bank

6. White Mountain Bank of Lancaster (1849-1865)

7. White Mountain Bank of Lancaster Annals

8. Description of Currency Designs and Notes Studied
& Cashiers and Presidents White Mountain Bank of Lancaster

9. Biographical Sketches - White Mountain Bank of Lancaster

10. Lancaster National Bank (1881-1935)

11. Lancaster National Bank Annals

12. Description of Currency Designs and Notes Studied
& Cashiers and Presidents Lancaster National Bank

13. Biographical Sketches - Lancaster National Bank

14. Historic Scenes of Lancaster

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